Dr. Neal Trautman

Dr. Neal Trautman
Dr. Neal Trautman, Ph.D.

Dr. Neal Trautman is the author of EthicsEd's Preventing Sexual Misconduct and Abuse course. He has authored 12 published books, presented over 500 ethics and leadership seminars, been a special guest speaker at 59 conferences, written 56 articles and conducted 4 nationwide research studies.

Dr. Trautman is the founder of the National Institute of Ethics, a non-profit, Congressional award-winning organization dedicated to furthering ethics and integrity throughout America.  He is also the founding President of the International Association of Ethics Trainers.

As a Senior Analyst, he consults and teaches anti-corruption seminars to foreign government officials for United States Department of State and Commonwealth Trading Partners, Inc.

Prior to founding the National Institute of Ethics, Neal finished his 16-year government career as the Director of
Human Resources for the city of Winter Park, Florida.


“The National Institute of Ethics, under the leadership of Neal Trautman, has been an outstanding resource to our high school throughout a very difficult period dealing with the impact of employee misconduct. With the assistance of the NIE, our Governing Board took decisive steps to implement policies, procedures and training to insure our staff, students and parents that we were doing everything we could to prevent this type of misconduct from occurring again.“

Douglas Smith
Executive Director
Helix Charter High School

Current Professional Positions:

  • Executive Director, National Institute of Ethics
  • President, International Association of Ethics Trainers
  • Board of Directors, Ethics In The Public Service, Int’l. Network
  • Board of Directors, American Academy of Police Psychology
  • Chair, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, Professional Development Committee

Formal Education:

  • Doctorate of Philosophy: Administration of Criminal
    Justice, St. John’s University, Louisiana , 2001;
  • Doctoral Study, University of Central Florida, Orlando
    and University of Miami (1983-1988)
  • Master of Science: Criminal Justice, Rollins College,
    Winter Park, FL
  • Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice, Rollins College,
    Winter Park, FL