Course Content: Preventing Sexual Misconduct and Abuse

Preventing Sexual Misconduct and Abuse

Training to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse in schools is nothing less than essential.  Preventing Sexual Misconduct and Abuse is an online course for all school employees designed to create a new level awareness about this problem that plagues both public and private schools today.   Employees will learn about the natural barriers and biases that contribute to a culture of silence and gain a better understanding of unacceptable behaviors and appropriate boundaries.  To illustrate these very important concepts of boundaries and behavior, several video vignette scenarios are presented in hypothetical but real situations and employees will be asked to apply judgment and make decisions about how they should respond all in the context of a modeled school policy.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Barriers that prevent the acknowledgement and resolution of sexual misconduct and abuse
  • Accepting individual responsibility within the school community
  • Facts about the victims and their perpetrators
  • Early warning signs
  • Grooming techniques
  • The culture of silence
  • School policy and its application
  • Reporting
  • Acceptable and Unacceptable behaviors
  • Boundaries

Special Features of EthicsEd Courses

Take your training to the next level. “Page turner” training is a thing of the past.  EthicsEd courses are all based on sound instructional design utilizing effective presentation techniques and learning activities to ensure learner comprehension.  With EthicsEd, your employees will have an enjoyable, rich learning experience that provides them with the knowledge they need.

Features of EthicsEd courses:

  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Professional Instructional Design
  • Web and Flash-based
  • Rich Media, Interactive Multimedia Production
  • Video Vignettes to Illustrate Boundary Scenarios
  • Full Audio Voiceover
  • Learning Checks
  • Psychometrically Sound Assessments
  • Certificates of Completion